Shortly after acquiring Ultimate Ears, Logitech mobilized a UE Rebrand and Relaunch. Our challenge was to break away from the clutter of wireless speakers, garnering Ultimate Ears the attention of young, fickle music fans.
We developed an original approach to content, going wherever necessary to capture the imaginations of these fans on the street.
Our goal: Rekindle their love for listening to music out loud and
Make Music Social.
ultimate ears
UE Boom
Campaign Launch
The campaign rallied around Make Music Social, encouraging people to listen and enjoy music together. We teamed with The Cobra Snake - a definitive photographer of alternative contemporary culture - to capture the essence of social music-listening in the lives of our demographic. The imagery we used across all channels sported a bright, colorful design language with an alternative twist.
Ultimate Ears WEBSITE
banners & print ads
The Social Music Experiment
original comedy series
We teamed up with comedian Reggie Watts to produce an original series powered by UE BOOM called The Social Music Experiment. As Chief Socio-Musicologist, Reggie and his faithful assistant Asif conducted a variety of real world experiments to see if music can get you laid, get you high, stop a fight and start a party anywhere.
= results
The series was syndicated across a variety of comedy websites, including and YouTube’s Comedy Network JASH. Within the first three months, 5 million people watched 230,000 hours of branded content, introducing the speaker to millions of music fans.

Series viewership and PR exposure drove 5x increase in monthly unique visitors to and shifted our search traffic from 100% paid search to 71% organic search.
Boom Bus
The Boom Bus made the circuit of major music festivals, retail locations and extreme sporting events across the US delivering a face-to-face experience for thousands to touch, feel, and hear. An integral part of a dynamic campaign that included digital and social media marketing, it turned heads and drove sales of the product!
Bonnaroo - The largest music festival in the US - UE BOOM had a chill activation space focused around the BOOM Bus that attracted thousands of concert viewers and got them to fall in love with the UE BOOM. We asked participants to engage in social music experiments for a chance to win a UE BOOM. Additionally, we had the festival musicians draw their own designs on the UE Boom so the speakers could be auctioned off for charity.

We also brought the Social Music Experiment series to shoot an episode amongst the 90,000 fans that attend Bonnaroo. #4 - Can music get you hight?
Social Music Experiment at bonnnaroo
#4 - Can music get you high?
Chief Socio-Musicologist, Reggie Watts and his assistant, Asif, think that social music shouldn't just be global, but universal. They grab a couple of space suits, an alien abductee and hit the road for Bonnaroo 2013 to launch a UE BOOM into space. It's a's a's a frickin' UE BOOM!
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